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ABAA Network Test, Dates & Conditions

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During the ABAA Melbourne Convention ....Monday 6pm to 7.00pm PROGRAM


Orign of the ABAA Network Face Painting Test

The ABAA Network Face painting Test  has been created specifically for Australian Face Painters.  This means that modern Face painting techniques such as the use of one stroke and split cakes can be used in the assessment however these techniques are not manditory or even necessary. Painters can use brush & sponge techniques or split cakes techniques and or a combination of both.  Therefore, Face Painters are encouraged to use whatever techniques they are comfortable with as long as the design is completed within the specified time.  Only the end result of the Face Painting is assessed.


Back ground of the designer of the Assessment.

Maria Mormile has designed the ABAA Network Face painting Prac and theory Test.  She has taught in a number of Adult Education Colleges in both Melbourne and Queensland (massage & Anatomy subjects) and written course outlines and assessments for TAFE & Private Colleges. Maria obtained her Cert 1V in Assessment Workplace and Training in 2006. She has been a Face/Body Painter since 2006 and has received a number of National and International Awards for both Face Painting and Body Painting.  Teaching has been her passion and has taught both beginners and advanced Face Painting within Australia and Internationally. In addition, Maria is also the Director & Producer of The Australian Body Art Awards & Conventions. (Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Perth).  All these experiences have given Maria the ability to format an appropriate Face Painting Assessment that is a fair bench mark for our Australian painters.


Details of the Face Painting Test

  • Test Fee (one off) $35 via Pay Pal

  • The test consists of both Theory and a Prac.

  • Theory test will be approx 15 min.

  • Prac......Painters will be asked to paint 6 Faces ranging from 3 to 8 min.

  • Please bring a small kit and your own model if you can. Face painting models must be over the age of 8.  Adult models are preferred as they will be painted a number of times.

  • Results will be given privately to each member within 7 days & Certificates will be sent in the mail.

  • Please note to be elligible to sit for this test you must be a current ABAA Network Member (Fee $45 annually)



Conditions of the Face Painting Test

  • Professional Face paints only (Pancakes or liquids) may be used.  Starblends in one design only.

  • Reference material of any sort must not be used for the practical test.  (Not written, drawn or pictures)


Practical Test - What you will be Tested on - Currently

Over all, each design must have at least 3 colours however techniques can be varied except on the full face.

  • Eye Design - 3 min

  • Mask - 4 min (any kind of mask, it does not need to be a traditional mask however paint should cover the bridge of the nose)

  • Half Face - 5 min (top part of the face ie forehead or side of the face)

  • Full Face -  8 min  (must cover approx 80% of the face, use a sponge and show line work. Blending & linework will be assessed)

  • Animal Face - 6 min

  • Flowers - 3 min


Theory Test - What you will be Tested on - Currently

  • Mostly ABAA Network Terms & Conditions, covering Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics & OH & S.

  • view here



ABAA Net Work Member, (no test)


Level 3

ABAA Professional Member

(agreeing to terms and condition & providing a copy of public liability insurance.) 



Level 2

Certified Professional Member

(Tested in both practice and theory......Testing offered in groups or private). 


Level 1

Certified Professional Instructor

( A certified member that has been an instructor at The Australian Body Art Awards.)






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