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Frequently asked questions


Convention Classes - how long are they?
Conventions have a number of classes running at the same time with different instructors.  ie anywhere from three to six 90 min class running at the same time.  There are usually 4 time slots per day.  These classes are chosen on the day.  The class Schedule is released about 2 weeks before the convention.


Pre & Post Convention Classes - How are they different to Convention classes?

Pre & Post convention classes are all day classes with just one specific instructor. They go for approximately 6 hours. These classes are generally pre booked as numbers are very limited.  Pre and Post convention classes are held before & after the convention and are ticketed separately to the convention.



Cancellation Policy.  Can I sell my ticket to someone else?
Yes but you must no sell it for more than you bought is for.  So if you purchased an Early Bird ticket for $325 you must no sell it for more than $325.  You can however sell it for less.


Class Schedule. When is the class schedule released?
Usually 2 weeks before a convention.



Can I share my convention ticket?

​Convention tickets CANNOT be shared with another person.


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