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                   ABAA Proffesional Face/Body Painter's

                            Network Member Registration

To become an ABAA Professional Face/Body Painter Network Member please make sure you read, understand and accept the terms and conditions on the ABAA NW TERMS & CONDITIONS page.


  • Membership is open to Face/Body Painters & Makeup Artists 

  • Each Individual member's photo will go up in their State of residence and their web site or link will be added to their photo.

  • Annual Membership Fee $45.00 

  • One off Testing fee of $35.00 is optional for level 1 & 2 membership.


ABAA Members Membership (or renewal fee due on the 1st of January annually)  Fee $45.00

Please note if you are renewing your membership please email a copy of your current  insurance to


Test Fee (one off)  For levels 1 & 2 Only - $35.00

Payable in the TICKET SECTION of this web site

To Apply for ABAA Network membership.
Please e-mail Maria on


Read and accept the terms and conditions on the

ABAA Network Terms & Conditions page and

Attach the following -

  • Head shot photo (to go on this website)

  • Copy of Insurance

  • Copy of you State "Child Card" ie Blue Card for Queensland or Working with Children's card in Victoria

  • Your web site OR designated link (if you have one)

  • Confirmation that you have read & agree


  • Your mailing address

  • Note this membership is for individuals.

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