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Purpose of the ABAA Professional
Face/Body Painter's Network
  • To establish a network of Professional Face/Body Painters.​

  • To provide benefits for Professional Face/Body Painters. Example providing and pursuing specials/discounts relevant to this industry.​

  • To encourage and support Professional Face/Body Painters via regular communication, conducting competitions and workshops.​

  • To promote Australian Professional Face/Body Painters by doing featured articles on them via this network.​

  • To provide relevant information on industry products.

  • To encourage Professional, Safe Practices and Ethical conduct in the Industry.​

  • To encourage up skilling via The Australian Body Art Awards & Face/Body Painting Convention as well as promoting workshops by highly skilled Face/Body painters.​

  • To provide a fair grading system where Face/Body Painters are assessed on their professional standards.  eg.  Level 3 ABAA Professional Member (agreeing to terms and condition & providing a copy of public liability insurance.  Level 2 Certified Professional Member (Tested in both practice and theory......Testing offered in groups or private).  Level 1 Certified Professional Instructor ( A certified member that has been an instructor at The Australian Body Art Awards.)



Members will be notified of any updates or changes.​
Please scroll down and read.  You must agree to the terms and conditions below before you can apply to become a member.


  • Face/Body Painters must have current Public & Products Liability Insurance policy.​

  • Comply with your State regulations in regards to Working with Children Check - ie in Victoria - Working with Children Card.  More info

  • Body Painting- Only models over 18 are painted unless the breasts and appropriate areas are covered.

  • Model release forms - highly recommended that MRF are signed before any pictures are published.

  • The ABAA Network has a recommended price range for Face Painting.  RPR is between $80 -$120 per hour. There are exceptions and this range may vary a bit from one area to another.  Exceptions to this recommended rate could be when there is consecutive daily work or regular ( ie once a week or once a fortnight or once a month).  This negotiation would be on work that is guaranteed and not just promised.

OH & S​

  • Must not paint over an open wound (no matter how small), rash or skin condition.

  • Must have public liability Insurance.

  • Use a minimum of one sponge per child.​

  • Clean all paint off each brush after painting each child, ie by using brush tub below.  Especially when using One stroke techniques.

  • Recommended - water container with ridges at the bottom makes cleaning quick and easy and it only takes seconds.

  • Change water regularly.​

  • Clean Face Painting Kit.










  • Conduct themselves in an ethical manner in the Face/Body Painting industry by - Only using their own Face/Body painting pictures for promotional purposes, unless given permission by  the Artist the artwork belongs to. This means that the Face/Body Painting pictures on a Painters web site, display board, emails, Face Book and flyers  are a true representation of their work and have not been taken without consent from another Painter.​

  • Only painting models over 18 for semi nude body painting.​

  • Doing their very best to resolve conflicts with fellow Face/Body Painters.​

  • Not intentionally attempt to poach that Painter's client/s, when working on a job for another Face/Body Painter.​

  • Making every effort for find a replacement (Professional Face/Body Painter) especially in the "Silly Season", when you have booked a client and cannot keep your committement.

Speed Painting may cause over use injuries to Face/Body painters.  Speed painting is useful in short bursts however generally no more that 15 faces per hour are recommended for long periods of time.  More than 15 Faces Per hour should be classified as speed painting.​
If you are organising other painters for an outdoor event please ensure that the painters are undercover and protected from the elements.  Under cover is a dwelling or canopy.  Trees are not considered undercover.



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