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Wing Sum Diana Chan

Wing Sum Diana Chan (SumBodyArt)

Hong Kong/ Australia/ Germany 



Wing Sum Diana Chan (SumBodyArt) was born in Hong Kong; grew up in Australia and moved to Europe to further pursue her BodyPainting Dream as an Artist and Model. 


Her Art is influenced by Diana’s experiences as a BodyPainter, designer, model and dancer. She has worked for ten years in graphic design, production and costume design. As well, for eight years, she has been working as a professional BodyPainter and Model in Australia and around Europe. From Competition BodyPainting, Fine Art BodyPainting, Art Healing, UV performance for festivals to commercial works with car shows, Motor GP, Tattoo and Art conventions. 


Diana created SumBodyArt‘s Home Exhibition from 2015-2017 with models from around the world. A project which reflected at first her 3 homes: Hong Kong, Australia and Germany; but later became Home for all mankind. This project was featured in SkinMarkz in America, a photography magazine in Spain. SumBodyArt’s live painting for the project was also featured on German TV NDR, talk shows and radio. It even made it to the cover and was the main feature for Mushroom Magazine’s Winter Edition all around Europe.

In 2017, she achieved sixth in the world at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria with her UV Bodypaitning Acroyoga Show. In 2016, she was sixth in the world at the Dutch competition De Masquerade for Professional Brush and Sponge. In additional, she worked as a BodyPainting model for some of the world’s best BodyPainting Artists and Championship Winners like Sahra Bull, Sophie Fauquet Perso (Popsie) and the King of UV Wolf Reicherter.


Diana (SumBodyArt) feels thankful that she took the courage to pursue a bigger Dream, she went through many challenges, to start from nothing to something again in Europe.



It is worth it for Diana (SumBodyArt), as many wonderful projects were created, she has made many creative friends: Body Painters, Models, Photographers. Positive changes and art healing were spread to many. And now it is time for Diana (SumBodyArt) to share the story back home in Australia.

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