ABAA Gold Coast - Pre & Post Convention Classes

16th & 19th March 2020

Times 9.00am to 4.00pm

$195 per class - Class sizes are limited to 20.


Note - Pre and Post convention classes are all day workshops with one instructor

16th March - Annabel Hoogeveen, Kel Mcilwain & Sarah Asker

19th March - Annabel Hoogeveen & Nancy Wu

Annabel Hoogeveen

Pre - Convention Class - Creative Boy Designs

Not happy with your boy designs or looking for new ideas? Then this is the class for you!


In this class I will teach you how to create and paint eye-friendly designs for boys that still look cool. I will demonstrate a variety of designs, including the popular ‘Moving Masks’.

We will talk about ideas and inspiration, where to find them and how to turn those into cool facial designs. I will share with you my easy to follow ‘5 Steps for Creating a Design’ sheet, that will enable you to create your own designs in no time!  

You will learn all about how to find the best placement for designs on the face and what materials and techniques to use to enhance your boy designs and make them look even cooler. 

And of course you will be painting (and maybe be painted) too!

So bring your favorite paint supplies (including at least one split cake with a light to dark gradient, a ½ # flat brush, your favorite round brush and some stencils) and join me!


Post Convention class - Face Painting Elementries:

The secrets you never heard about. Have you been a face painter for a while and not quite happy with your work, always eager to improve and learn more? Or are you just starting out and looking for a solid base? Then this is the class for you!


In this class I will reveal the ‘secrets’ for great face painting. Secrets that will give you instant result without long hours of practice! And I will share them with you on my ‘Face Painting Elementaries - 4 Golden tips for Great Face Painting’ sheet.

Because you don’t need difficult and intricate designs to create a smile on a little kid’s face. Very simple designs are often just as beautiful or maybe even more…..


We will talk about the importance of facial anatomy and observation. You will learn about design placement and shapes, creating flow and how to use negative space and color to strengthen your designs. All of this will be demonstrated using three very popular face painting designs: butterflies, tigers and (flower)fairies, yet with a special approach that you never heard of before. 

And of course you will be painting (and be painted) too!

So bring your favorite paint supplies and join me!

Nancy Wu

Post - Convention Class - Colorful creations

From rainbow butterflies to magical unicorns; to characters on the job, in this class Lets paint those colorful creations, learn how to achieve them on the job; and level it up when u have extra time. I will share with you the tips and tricks to keep your design clean and crisp; and techniques to painting actual characters on the job.

Kel Mcilwain

Pre - Convention Class - Body Painting

Are you ready to launch yourself into Body painting or are you a body painter who would like to refine and enhance your body painting skills ? If so , this class is for you . I will teach all aspects of body painting , how to achieve a flawless application with different techniques, how to create a design and a story to a theme . You will learn the importance of placement and flow and use of colours . This is a hands on class - bring your brushes and paints . We will be painting together.

Sarah Asker

Pre - Convention Class - Butterflies & other Essentials

The Essentials for On The Job Fabulousness! Nail your on the job butterflies, eye designs and crowns for good! Quick ones, detailed ones, cute ones, creepy ones, little boys ones, grown up girly ones and grown up boys ones too. I’ll teach you about how to use design shape and placement to best suit the face you’re working with and how to make your fast designs more dynamic and fabulous using the barest additions. Learn how to use colour, line work and flow for minimum effort and maximum impact. Prepare to be paint and to be painted. This will be a hands on class where I will help you build on your already established designs.


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