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ABAA Gold Coast - Pre & Post Convention Classes

21st & 24th March 2023

Times 8.30am to 3.30pm

$195 per class - Class sizes are limited to 20.



Payment details next to individual instructors

Note - Pre and Post convention classes are all day workshops with one instructor

21st March - Matt Falloon & Tennille Metcalfe (Balloons) - Nancy Wu (Face Painting)

24th March - Kel Mcilwain (Body Painting) - Nancy Wu (Balloons) - Maria Mormile - (Bubbles)

Nancy Wu

Pre convention class: Face painting

Pretty Face art - Nancy’s all time favourite designs, ranging from butterflies to crowns to everything pretty, learn about my colour choices and placement, and how paint clean and precise designs.


Matt Falloon & Tennile Metcalfe

Pre convention Class: Balloon Twisting

B.E.D! Business-Entertainment-Designs Come to B.E.D with multiple industry award winning artists Matt Falloon and Tennille Metcalfe! In this duo class you will learn some of their core tips and tricks you can implement to drive your business higher! Everything from taking enquiries, customer wrangling, pricing guidance, crowd management, presentation, and of course, a bunch of bankable balloon designs! This class also supplies plenty of opportunities to ask your specific questions to Tennille and Matt. Matt will even let you in on his ONE SECRET WEAPON to eliminate competition, and retain customers year after year! The balloon designs in this class are aimed at intermediate twisters, however everything else is of value to ANY business wishing to apply a fresh outlook to what they offer.

Kel Mcilwain

Post Convention Class: Body Painting

Bookings: Directly to Kel Mcilwain. 

Please email her at

Are you ready to launch yourself into Body painting or are you a body painter who would like to refine and enhance your body painting skills ? If so , this class is for you . I will teach all aspects of body painting , how to achieve a flawless application with different techniques, how to create a design and a story to a theme. You will learn the importance of placement and flow and use of colours . This is a hands on class - bring your brushes and paints . We will be painting together.

Maria Mormile

Post Convention Class: Giant Bubbles

Bubbles are fun, engaging and spectacular! As a professional bubbler you need to have the knowledge that will enable to produce great bubbles under most weather conditions and indoor venues in a safe manner. 


In the last 2 years I have clocked up over 1500 bubble hours, performed at many bubble parties, outdoor events and broken a world record. In that time I've overcome many challenges through trial and error as well as research.  I have also handmade and tested many bubble nets including the world's largest bubble net in 2021.  The nets will also be on sale on at the convention.


In this class you will have the advantage of starting out with the knowledge and practical skill to get you started on a wonderful journey.  Whether it’s an addition to other entertainer skills or solo, bubbling gives your business additional income and a point of difference. 


Indoor Bubbles

  • OH & S

  • Ground Cover

  • Hand Bubbles

  • Bubbles using wands

  • Bubble tricks including Child in a bubble

  • Equipment

  • Suitable bubble mixes for specific tricks

  • Weather/Temperature conditions and how it affects bubbles

  • Trouble shooting

  • Audiences

  • Planning your Show/Presentation

  • Pricing


 Outdoor Bubbles

  • OH & S

  • Ground cover and the effect of bubble mix on grass

  • Equipment – Wands and nets

  • How to produce Giant bubbles and bubbles of all sizes

  • Weather/Temperature conditions and how it affects the bubbles

  • Different nets and their uses according to weather conditions & wind

  • Bubble mixes and how to adjust them according to the weather conditions

  • Bubbles at Festivals or open locations

  • Bubbles for an outdoor party

  • Interactive ideas at a party

  • Pricing

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