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Melbourne Balloon Class

Monday 1st May 2023
@ Arrow On Swanston - 488 Swanston Street Carlton


2023 Beginners Balloon Melbourne Poster.jpg

Basic Balloon Twisting Class


Essential Balloon Twisting Techniques Beginners Level
• Techniques
• Designs
• Requests
• Equipment
• Tips & Tricks
• Trouble shooting
• Balloon retailers

This is where it all starts! Play or Passion, grass roots are the foundation of good skill development.
This class will enable you to follow step by step designs. It will also help you to understand the importance of strength & stability to your creation. Knowing basic balloon twisting techniques will enable you to work faster with ease and prevent excessive popping of balloons. More importantly correct techniques will also help prevent over use or joint injuries. Not to mention, it's loads of silly fun!!!
Designs: Sword, Dog, flower, Wand base, Basic doll dress, Basic body with printed head, Alien head, Bow & arrow, Dinosaur frame and requests. Every group is different and there the amount covered will depend on the pace of the group.

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