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State Face Off Championships 2015


2015 ABAA State Face Off Championships 

Award winners


National Winner  

Lindy van Tuil


State Winners

Western Australia - Lindy van Tuil

South Australia -  Kristy O'Neil

Victoria - Dawn Anderson

Tasmania - Natasha Shultz

New South Wales -  Jessika Nguyen

Queensland: Carleen Adorn


Voted most popular

Western Australia – Lindy Van Tuil

South Australia – Ann Lyon

Victoria – Leah Bucci

Tasmania – Natasha Schultz

New South Wales – Kellie Holmes

Queensland – Carleen Adorn


Convention ticket lucky draw prize

Helen Beasley - N.S.W.


Voting lucky draw

Cate Harrison - N.S.W.

Kelly Turner - Queensland

ABAA State Face Off Award Winners

ABAA STATE FACE OFF CHAMPIONSHIPS are here again!!! This competition is via photo submission. Only one entry per person and one photo may be submitted. All entries must be in by Friday 27th of February 2015.  Each Stated must have 15 entries to qualify except for Tasmania who need 10 to qualify. 


The National Winner will receive a free Convention Ticket. If you have already purchased a Convention ticket you can use the ticket in 2016.


Themes for State Face Off Championships

Victoria – Jungle

NSW & Canberra - Fantasy
South Australia - Holiday designs
Western  Australia - Fairy Tales
Tasmania - Floral
Queensland & N.T. - Masks

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2015 Categories & Sponsors


Categories for Prizes -


  • National State Face Off Winner (judged - please read criteria & rules below).

  • Prize - ABAA Convention ticket valued @ $495.00  Sponsor The Australian Body Art Awards

  • Prize - $50 voucher Sponsor - Face Paint for Everybody

  • Prize - Featured on the ABAA website and future ABAA promotions



  • One Lucky Draw prize.

  • Prize - ABAA Convention ticket valued @ $495.00  Sponsor The Australian Body Art Awards


  • State Winners - (judged - please read criteria & rules below).

  • $50 products for New South Wales State Winner - Sponsor  - The Face Paint Store

  • $50 products for Western Australia State Winner - Sponsor - Limelight Company -

  • $50 products for Victoria State Winner - Sponsor- Looney Bin

  • $50 products for South Australia State Winner - Sponsor - Face The Paints

  • $50 products for Tasmania State Winner - Sponsor - Face The Paints

  • $50 products for Queensland State Winner - Sponsor - Queensland Body Art Society

  • Prize - Each State Winner - ABAA Network membership from July 2015 to June 2016 valued at $45.00 Sponsor The Australian Body Art

  • Prize - Featured on the ABAA website and future ABAA promotions




  • Most Popular in each State.

  • Prize - $35 Voucher for each State. Sponsor

  • Additional Sponsors welcome





  • Voting prizes - 2 people will receive.  (lucky draw prize for voting - one voucher each)

  • Prize - $50 voucher Sponsor - Face The Paints

  • Prize - $50 voucher Sponsor - Face Paint for Everybody

  • Prize - ABAA Professional Face/Body Painters Network Membership (1 year) Sponsor The Australina Body Art Awards



  • Voting Instructions

  • HOW TO VOTE FOR THE MOST POPULAR STATE ENTRY Imp., please read carefully......entries close midnight Monday 2nd March 2015. Just a couple of days, so go for it!!! This voting DOES NOT contribute to the National and State winners award. Those awards are judged and have a judging criteria with a point system that can be viewed on the ABAA web site. For those who participate in the voting there is a lucky draw prize -  This is how it works:- Any Face/Body Painter in The Australian Body Art Awards & Face/Body Painting Convention FACE BOOK GROUP can vote but it CANNOT be for anyone in your own State................................................



  • Victoria votes for Western Australia
    Western Australia votes for South Australia
    South Australia votes for Tasmania
    Tasmania Votes for NSW
    NSW votes for Queensland
    Queensland votes for Victoria
    With your name & State and the name of the person and State they are from.



Judging Criteria

Face Painting Categories - Brush & Sponge ONLY
CREATIVITY -  Idea  (uniqueness of the idea),  Originality, Use of Colour (not how many colours!)  & Composition of the work as well as overall impression - 1 to 30points
THEME - Interpretation of theme (expression of theme & uniqueness of interpretation) - 1 to 30 points
TECHNICAL EXPERTISE - Quality, (line work & blending etc), Technique, Degree of difficulty - 1 to 40 points
TOTAL of 100 points


Face Painting Rules (Brush & Sponge ONLY)

Rules may be amended at any time for clarification.

Set out in this document are the rules for the ABAA State Face Off Championships.

Breaking the rules will result in a reduction of points or disqualification depending on the severity of the breach.  The Artist must work alone (assistant not permitted) and the Face Painting must be done by the person submitting the photo. In addition, the work must be original.  Ie not copied from someone elses design.  Additional rules are -

•The Artist may include the upper chest and neck in their design BUT NOT THE SHOULDERS.  Please remember though that it is a Face Painting competition and therefore a substancial amount of the work should be on the face.


• Entry is via photo submission and must be posted on The Australian Body Art Awards & Face/Body Painting Convention FACE BOOK GROUP. Please send Maria Mormile Abaa a friend request if you are not already in this group and you will be added.


•No attachments, stencils or tracing allowed.  In addition the use of a ruler is NOT permitted, even for measuring.  Stencils include any instrument that will guide the placement of the paint.  For example using the hand as a stencil on the body to  outline the shape or to create an imprint of a hand is not permitted.


•Glitter is permitted but not liquid bling.


• Any images painted must not be in breach of copyright laws.  While  many images are used as references, care must be
taken not to reproduces images that are a copy of someone elses artwork.


•There is no time frame.


•Only professional Face & Body Painting products (including only cosmetic glitter) may be used on the face/body.


•The Face Painting does not have age restrictions.


•The judges decision is final.


•All work will be published by The Australian Body Art Awards on the ABAA web site.  The Australian Body Art Awards has the right to use them for any future advertising and promotional purposes.


The following is a list of things allowed in Brush and Sponge
•Sponges are allowed.
•Decorative head wear is allowed, including hats.  Decorative headwear should be an extension of the face or body painting.  It should not cover the face or the body.
•False Eyelashes
•Wigs and false hair (for the head only)
•Glitter permitted but not liquid bling.


The following is a list of things NOT ALLOWED  in Brush and Sponge
•Airbrushing is NOT allowed.
•Attachments of any kind are NOT permitted. NO CRYSTAL DIAMONDS.





Entries from Tasmania

Theme: Floral QUALIFIED

Entries from N.S.W.

Theme: Fantasy QUALIFIED

Entries from Victoria

Theme: Jungle QUALIFIED

Entries from Queensland

Theme: Masks QUALIFIED

Entries from South Australia

Theme: Holiday designs QUALIFIED

Entries from Western Australia

Theme: Fairy Tales QUALIFIED

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