ABAA Sydney Post Convention Classes 2018

5th & 6th September

Please note that Post Convention classes are full day classes with one instructor in comparison to the convention which has a minimum of 10 instructors offering short 90min classes over 2 days & evenings  The convention has a total of 30 x 90min classes to choose from.

 Post Convention Class descriptions below



Note - Prima & Christy are teaching 2 post convention classes each.

5th September - 9.30am to 4.30pm

Prima Barton - Face Painting - Be You!

From beauty to on the job , This class focuses in bringing the TRUE ARTIST IN YOU by learning PRIMA’s techniques in coming up with unique designs that shows your imaginative creations that you can surely call your own and be proud of.

* Breaking down “direct to the point essential techniques” that you can apply to your art on the job: (taking notes are strongly suggested so you won’t forget)

*** This will be demonstrated while tackling techniques. ***

* Facial mapping, Symmetry and asymmetry (*proper positioning) IMPORTANT!

* Colour choices, realism or colour explosion

* Fast phase Blending, layering and shadows

* Turning ideas or inspirations to plan, then paint it on the face or body.

* Painting Wild! = This “GAME” will test your creativity in creating your own design using what you learned from me. Then “together” we will improve it, ready to be showcased on your next job!

* Bring a practice head or board or even your legs will do. Paint along or just be painted. Compact kit one stroke and basic colour paints, your filberts, flats, sponges, blending brushes and powders are strongly suggested.

Note: This class is not limited to which design you wish to see and learn, (from my creations) just ask me and I will try fit it in the time we have.

MISSION of this class:

* To break the wall that hinders you in “becoming your own true artist” that can come up with a design on the spot no worries!

* To leave this class armed with ideas, designs, techniques and a “NEW design of your OWN”.

Christy Lewis - Next Level Face Painting & Powders

Next Level Face Painting Its time to take your face painting to the next level and make your designs stand out from the rest. In this class we will be looking into the small details that make all the difference when it comes to creating a great design. From quick on the job face painting designs we all know and love to slightly more detailed customised designs you will be ready with all the tips and tricks to impress. In this class we will also take a more in-depth look into working with powders. Powders are a fantastic way to really step up your face painting and also a great alternative to paint in hot humid weather!

6th September - 9.30am to 4.30pm

Christy Lewis Face Painting Gone WILD!

Animal face paints are fantastic way to bring life to the party! From an Arctic Fox to a Zebra… you will be prepared for almost every request.

In this class we will be looking at different ways of painting animals on the face, including Daizy Designs nose-i-mals. We will also look at a variety of other ways to create animal themed designs.

Pull out your brushes and get ready to learn all the secrets of creating a design people will go wild over. From brush-strokes, colours, shading and patterns, everything you need to know to create quick designs for busy events as well as more detailed realistic designs.

Prima Barton Face Painting - Boy oh Boys!


If you are one of those who palpitates when you see a boy in your line, then this class is for you!

We will do some boy designs that are fairly quick and effective! One stroke Dragon (three ways!) , Skull and a Sugar Skull, Snake (two ways), Croc (two ways), Scorpion, Shark, Octopus, Eagle (two ways) Dinosaur , and many more! I will show some basic tricks in shapes that are widely used in many type of most common requested animals by boys.

I prepared a challenge that will help you switch on that part of your brain that declines accepting on the spot boy designs on the job! Super heroes welcome!


Bring your compact kit and flat or angle brushes for we will use mostly one stroke , your favourite liner brushes, blenders and some stencils!




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