ABAA Sydney Face & Body Painting Convention 2018

Class Descriptions

Convention Instructors



Amy Grigg

Topic 1 - Unicorn cheek art and crowns Unicorns!

Unicorns! Unicorns! Unicorns are going wild lately and seem to be one of the most popular face and party themes of 2018 In this class Amy will teach you how to create cute and easy to achieve cheek art unicorns. We will go through each unicorn step by step including shape, hair and tricky details like eyes. Amy will show you how to incorporate them into quick cheek art designs or more elaborate crowns to wow the crowd. Please bring a range of one stroke cakes and brushes as this is is a hands on class.


Topic 2 - Mythical creatures

In this 90 min class Amy will go through unicorn horns, dragons, mermaids and a host of other magical creatures certain to add sparkle and fun to all of your events. Please bring your paints and brushes as this is a hands on class.

Christy Lewis

Topic 1 - Working with powders

Its time to dust off those pressed powders hiding in the bottom of your kit and bring them to life. In this class we will look at many great ways to incorporate powders into your designs, whether it be as a beautiful base or adding shadow and depth to your designs.

Topic 2 - Taking it to the next level - Face Painting tips

In this class we will be looking at the small details in face painting designs that make all the difference. Often at busy events we forget the little details, that often only take a few seconds but make all the difference. We look at incorporating the details in our everyday paintings, as well as creating detailed designs that go all out. From brush strokes, colours, shading and patterns to all the extra little bits, its the details that matter.

Claudia Domrose (Tink)

Topic 1 - SFX class:

n this class we will learn how to use all kind of common and easy accessible material to change a human face and to create a totally different face shape, texture, structure. You will learn how to use latex, spirit gum, and bald caps and create something awesome, or maybe scary? You chose.

Topic 2 - One of those days!

You have one of those days - the colours are off, your brush strokes suck and nothing looks right. But there is no time to wipe it off and start all over? In this class I will teach tricks and tips on how to break it down and to turn your messed up face paint into a master piece, with simple tools we all have and use every time.


Daniela Zepeda

Topic 1 - The perfect Xerox machine

 Have you ever avoided a design because it’s too hard, or it will take to long to paint on the job? Well this class is right for you!

In this class we will evaluate and implement techniques and painting styles that I have gathered from many of the industry greats around the world!

We will extract designs from google images and break down the process to achieve the final result!  

A fun class to get you thinking out of the box and start giving it a shot!    


Topic 2 - Belly Painting

We will discuss belly painting on a marketing level and preparations for designs on different belly shapes, creating the right design for your client.

 (I prefer to not actually paint a belly however if one turns up then we can do this! I will encourage promotion of the art and how to execute the whole process, and designing the right design for your expecting mumma! )   

Elle Slattery
Topic 1 - “One-Stroke” of Genius: Flower Power.
Roses and Tulips and Daisies.. OH MY!! But the fun doesn’t stop there! In this class you will be on your way to conquering your favourite one-stroke flowers and applying them in eye-catching designs. Too long have the words, “My roses just DO NOT look right” been uttered. The struggle will end. Daisy? You got it! Sunflower? Too easy! Pansy? Not anymore! Using “less-than-conventional” tips (that somehow make total sense) you will become a master of the one stroke garden party. Alice was right, all the flowers DO have VERY, extra special Powers! Bring a long your favourite one-strokes, angled brushes and liners and consider this your “Wonderland”.

Topic 2 - “One-Stroke” of Genius: Cheek to “CHIC”
The “Eyes Have it” and they certainly WILL. This class will up the ante for eye designs and turn up the volume North of the cheekbone. Using the One-Stroke painting technique learn how to make butterflies dance, fruit fly (not literally) and feathers flock together. Discover your inner leopard/tiger, using their stripes or spots to create the infamous “I want to look tough but still really pretty” look. Learn how to really ROCK that LINER with swirls, tear drops, detailing, “oh-so-fine” out-lining and my favourite, dots or...“Splodges/Splodgidoos”. It should be noted that “too much chunky glitter” is not something this class will preach. It will however, teach you how to apply it in ample quantity. Put on your chokers, don your aviators, learn how to halo-braid and get your “festival” on. Bring a long your favourite one-strokes, angled brushes, liner brushes, CHUNKY GLITTERS and consider this your “Coachella”.

Kel Mcilwain


Topic 1 - Scared to Body Paint??? suitable for all levels of painters


Come and learn the art of body painting in this double class (2 x 90min classes) . I’ll teach you body painting basics to body painting techniques, what the judges are looking for and how to construct a design from a set theme . This will be a hands on class . Together we will produce a awesome masterpiece on a willing model . Bring your paints, brushes and kabuki brushes if you have one . LETS JAM !!!

Topic 2 - On the job with Kel

Want to take your face painting to another level ? I will teach you a few of my OTJ designs that will leave parents and clients in awe. These designs are fast and very effective. Let’s start getting that wow factor !! Bring your paints & brushes , practice boards and or practice head ..... or simply just sit back and watch . Suitable for all levels of painters .

Linlee Chan

Topic 1 - BOYS on the job designs

with stencils to enhance speed and adding the WOW look. During this class I will cover composition and how I tie stencils themes together. List of designs I'll be demonstrating during class: 1 eye spider-man, 1 stroke tiger mask, Graffiti cheek, Green lantern masks, Tribal eyes with stencils only, Super hero mash up.

Topic 2 - GIRLS on the job designs

with one strokes, stencils and gems. During this class I will cover how to use stencil, techniques on how to application. How stencils can be used to add speed, composition, and how to enhance their existing one strokes designs. List of designs I'll be demonstrating during class: Princess crown, small side face designs for adults, Roses & Peacock, Bohemian crown (all stencils no brush work), fast sugar scull and one stroke leopard.

Maria Mormile

Topic 1 - One Stroke Cats & dogs

Expanding on the concept of one stroke, creating highlight & shading in one stroke to create a 3d effect.  In this class you will used a basic template and apply one stroke techniques to create cats, dogs & wolves etc.


Prima Barton

Topic 1 - Cheek Art

Cheek art is one of those things most artist don’t feel comfortable in doing mainly because it takes same time as full face. But we cannot avoid those people who prefer something small on the cheek than covering the whole face. This class will show you OTJ’s cheek art’s and gives you tip on how to speed the painting by using the right tools to do it. Bring compact kit, paint along or be painted.

​If you are one of those who palpitates when you see a boy in your line, then this class is for you!

We will do some boys designs that are fairly quick and effective! One stroke Dragon, Skull, Pirates, Snake, Croc, Scorpion, Shark, Octopus, spaceships! This class is not restricted to request as long as time permits.

Paint along or be painted. Bring your compact kit and flat or angle brushes for we will use mostly one strokes and some stencils!

Topic 2 - Freestyle it!

My way of “de-stressing on the job” and gets so much attention is freestyling! This doesn’t come natural , when you feel like being creative on the job and someone comes with “surprise me” design request, in this class, you will learn something you can use for both boys and girls on the job. You just need imaginary shapes, imaginary arrows and bravery! You can never go wrong in this! Let’s get creative!

Bring your one stroke colors, favorite one stroke brush, favourite line work brushes and your favourite paint for line work! Glitters, Glitter gels! Lots of it!

Rita Barbagallo

Topic 1 - Simple Magic - Beginners Class.

Simple Magic Props that you can preform with ease- One step at a time. These props with fit easily into a small bag in your face painting Kit. These props can start earning you some extra $$$ straight away. They are 2&3 step magic for beginners.


Topic 2 - Magic Card Tricks

Do you like card tricks? This class will teach you how to use a deck of cards in 5 different steps. I will show you some mind-boggling and extraordinary steps with a few different decks of cards and clever distraction.

Sammie Bolas

Topic 1 - On the job

Using mainly one strokes, learn fast yet effective boy and girl designs that you can use on the job at both birthday parties and fast events.


Topic 2 - SFX

want to learn some gory and freaky designs that you can use on the older boys at events or maybe do some zombie makeup for your halloween clients? in this class you will learn, zombie makeup using bruise wheels, latex and blood and OTJ painted wounds.

Tegan Baylis

Topic 1 - Matching balloon and face painting designs

thinking about adding balloons to your face painting business ? Now is your chance! Come along and learn some impressive on the job matching balloon and face painting designs. These will wow your guests and make for fantastic photos! Suitable for all twisting and painting levels these will help your business stand out from the crowd!


Topic 2 - Arm art

I’ll teach you how to break down cartoons, characters and popular requested arm and cheek art designs into basic shapes so you can recreate children’s favourite characters and designs quickly and easily. We’ll be covering some of the most popular and requested boys and girls designs. Suitable for all painting levels. 

Tennille Koelma

Topic 1 - Party Designs For Girls

In this class, Tennille will share gorgeous balloon creations that she uses at birthday parties. She will show you how to use proper twisting technique and proportion to achieve great looking art that creates an impact with your clients. She’ll teach you about colour theory when selecting your palette so that you can create beautiful balloons for girls!


Topic 2 - Balloons that ROAR

In this class, you’ll learn a cool triceratops, a baby lion and a motorbike that will impress all of your party and corporate clients!

Virginia Carter

Topics cover Trucks, Planes and Automobiles

Some of the designs I will be touching on in my class is how to break down, cars, planes and various trucks and boy designs. I am used to working with multiple children and having to pump out designs very quickly so the designs that I will be looking at will be the more simple and quick designs- suitable to paint on a three-year-old before they become restless and impatient.


Topic 1 - Trucks, Planes and Automobiles 1

In my first class I will be teaching about breaking designs down into simple shapes in order to put more complex designs/pictures together. I will also be looking at using split cakes and brush work in order to enhance the end result.


Topic 2 - Trucks, Planes and Automobiles 2

In my second class I will be focusing on putting together trucks, cars, airplanes and all those “fun” things us butterfly loving girls (and boys) love to draw! I will also be touching on drawing inspiration from all aspect and areas in order to bring a simple yet effective result to your art work.

My art work has always been on the cartoonish side so perfection is not generally the end result of my work-The goal of this class is to enable you to paint pretty much anything that a customer has requested, by using these techniques.

I look forward to seeing you. Xx

Tash Currie

Topic 1 - Tattoo Pro Airbrush Tattoos 

I will go through the equipment and set up of airbrush tattooing using Tattoo pro style stencils. Showing how to use them to create amazingly realistic tattoos - from small pieces to full sleeves and back/body pieces. Using simple techniques to achieve amazing results. You don't need your own airbrush to attend this class - You will be offered a chance to try it for yourself.

Topic 2 - Adult/teen tattoo body art.

In this class I will show you how to do on the job tattoo style body painting for adults and teens. Great for festival and corporate jobs. We will go through easy tips and tricks to paint a realistic tattoo look in minimal time.



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