This photo was deemed violating face book community standards by face book robots -ITS A MANNEQUIN!!! Blocked for 24 Hours.

September 4, 2013

Seriously, did someone forget to take their pills, or put on their glasses............IT'S A MANNEQUIN and it clearly said so on the picture description.  The picture was on the front page of my local news paper a few years ago. I HAVE BEEN BANNED FOR 24 HOURS FOR POSTING THIS PICTURE!!!


 In my effor to avoid upsetting the Face Book giant I changed my profile picture to a mannequin so as to avoid getting flagged.  This is the standard robotic notice that I got........"We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards".  I have taken a photo of the notice and when I work out how to send it to my e-mail I will post the notice up.  Is this really face book doing this?  I am wondering if its the work of a hacker.  Surely no one could be this stupid!!!


According to my computer wiz nephew who I just spoke to over the phone....Face book has a software scanning system. Ahhhh so this is how the robots work..........BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!!! Very sad indeed! I would say that there system changed about a year ago and this is why all this is happening!

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