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ABAA Pre & Post Convention Classes

Monday 23rd & Friday 27th March 2015




Matteo Arfanotti

Mark Reid

Yolanda Bartram

Christy Lewis













Matteo Arfanotti

Mark Reid

Christy Lewis

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1 Class - $175

2 Classes - $340

Yolanda Bartram


Pre Convention Classes Monday 23rd March - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Matteo Arfanotti - Face Art (FULL)

Mark Reid - Jeans

Yolanda Bartram - Creature Workshop


Post Convention Class Friday 27th March - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Matteo Arfanotti - Topic Body Painting (very few places left!)

Mark Reid -  Fantastic Masks

Christy Lewis - Fantastic Face Painting

Yolanda Bartram - Zombies (Venue at Adelaide Moulding Casting Supplies)





Pre & Post Convention Class Descriptions


Matteo Arfanotti - Pre & Post Convention Class description

Pre Convention topic - 3d Face Art This class is now full  (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

Introduction and explanation of basic rules to implement:
3D drawings / Shades / creepy creatures
The importance of light and shadow and how to use them.
Draw eyes and play with their form to create a large number of strange characters.
The importance of the design of the teeth to create realistic effects.
Practical exercises guided in which you'll learn to make: transparent drops of water, insects and other animals three-dimensional, burns, wounds, skin diseases, zombies and monsters that completely change the characteristics of the face.


Post Convention topic - Body Painting (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

Introduction and explanation of basic rules to implement:

From idea to sketch to body painting: composition as a fundamental part of the project.
3D effects / Shades
The importance of light and shadow and how to use them on the body.
Theme: Limitation or stimulation for the job?


Mark Reid - Pre & Post Convention Class description

Pre Convention topic - Designer Jeans (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

Learn to create your own Designer Jeans with your own personal flair!
This class will teach you all the basics for folds using highlights and shadows to create the illusion of real jeans. You will also apply awesome accessories to customize your masterpiece and make it one of a kind! We will also be creating a matching top for you complete outfit.
Please bring:
2 body brushes
1/2 inch chisel brush
#2, 4, and 6 brushes
Paradise colors Dark Blue, Black, white, light brown, red, mango, gold and whatever other colors you have.
Victoria's Secret nude thong,
Earrings, and make sure your model has high heels to match the color of your design.
Most of all bring a notebook, camera and red bull!


Post Convention topic - Fantastic Masks (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

Join me in this creative mask class from Venetian to Cats and some really creative Sugar Skull Masks!
You will learn how to design some very elegant Venetian masks, Cat masks and a new flair on the ever so popular Sugar Skull. We will be using everything from Glittermark, to Gem powders and even stencils.
You will also learn to make some of them 3-D for really cool effects!

You will need
Basic kit
Assorted brushes 2, 4, 6, and a liner
Gem/ shimmer powders
Glittermark/ glitter jel
Accessories (earrings, flowers, etc)
Camera and a drawing pad and pencil.


Christy Lewis - Post Convention Class Only  (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

Post Convention class topic - Fantastic Face Painting Creating works of Art on the face.

In this class we will look at the key elements of creating your own designs, working with composition on the face, use of colour, brush techniques and the use of different paints and powders. From the Fast and Fabulous ‘ on the job’ designs, elegant masks and animals, be inspired to try something new with your old designs.


Yolanda Bartram - Pre & Post Convention Classes

Pre Convention topic - Creature Workshop (Venue Grand Chancellor on Hindley)

This class is all about designing a strong character and bodypaint concept. Be inspired by things like, your model, pop culture and cosplay.

In this class you will work with a multitude of BODYFX Prosthetics [used in FACE-OFF], learn to blend edges and incorporate them into an original design.

Learn various realistic and fantasy skin textures through, paint, latex, Zombie Skin, Flocking, fur, Stained glass. Learn to ‘twist’ your design to make it more unique, work with your model to get the best out of your work through some fun exercises. Models are required from 1pm.


Post Convention Class topic - Zombies (Venue Adelaide Moulding Casting Supplies)

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Zombie workshop



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