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22nd March to 27th March 2015
















Matteo Arfanotti

Mark Reid

Yolanda Bartram

Christy Lewis

Jess Miller

Annie Reynolds

Kristy O'Neil

Maria Mormile

Peter Patterson

Katrina Spark

Kim Cakebread

Brendan Ord

Rita Barbagallo

Kyla Morgan

Linda Bell

Susanne Daoud

Sandra Temple

Dawn Anderson

Sue Judd

Lindy van Tuil

Jess Miller 2015 ABAA Instructor

Kristy O'Neil 2015 ABAA Instructor

 & Instructor's Co-ordinator

Yolanda Bartram

2015 ABAA Instructor & Judge

Christy Lewis 

2015 ABAA Instructor & Judge

Mark Reid

2015 ABAA Instructor & Judge

Matteo Arfanotti

2015 ABAA Instructor & Judge

Rita Barbagallo 2015 ABAA Instructor

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Dawn Anderson 2015

ABAA Instructor

Prenatal Art

ABAA Convention Class descriptions for 2015

Classes on Face Painting, Body Painting, UV Face/Body Painting, Special FX, Balloon Twisting, Henna, Worbla & Children's Magic.



Dawn Anderson

Topic 1 - Lace

Ever wondered how to create an intricate looking piece of lace inspired work

that looks as if it took 2 hours, but in fact only took 20-30 minutes?

This is a foundation class about how to paint lace, and also how to apply it

to other designs, e.g. animal inspirations.

Bring a basic paint kit.



Topic 2 - Why do fairies get bad backs?


 It is so easy to produce chronic injuries by doing what we love best. 

An open discussion on how to look after 'face painter's back' (and shoulder, and

wrist, and hunger pangs).


Topic 3 - Pregnancy painting-

Yes, it is round. When faced by a very large half spherical surface to paint on, instead of the usual face with its predictable landmarks it can be quite difficult to know when to start.  How to approach it from the very beginning, planning a design in terms of its elements and emotional meaning to the client, execution, and followup. 


Matteo Arfanotti

Topic 1 - Cyborg Face/Skull,


Topic 2 - Siren/Mermaid/Sea Creature


Topic 3 - The Creepy Clown.


Rita Barbagallo

Topic 1- Create your own small bag of magic props that can be used for hrs, Perfect for face painters..readily available tricks that are perfect for all ages..

Topic 2- A beginners classes to making your own magic props,
with accessible materials from your own home..

Topic 3- Children's magic using eye catching interactive colourful magic props.. Larger impact pieces. That will "WOW" any age. Eg, Make you own cupcakes in a few minutes, As seen on ch7"Sunrise Show".


Yolalda Bartram

Topic 1 - Special fx 101 basics 

Bondo scars, silicone, gelatine. 

Interactive class where you can ask anything regarding special fx, learn quick and simple techniques. Extend your repertoire with some fx to impress all ages. 


Topic 2 - Eye designs

Going against the grain. Adding lines to add dynamic features in your design. Fixing lines that are 'off', fix them to add interest to your designs. 

Hands on class. 


Topic 3 - Animal business

Like the witches and the birds class, this year we will turn each other into animals. Look at facial features, match it up with an animal prosthetic. Learn how to apply and blend edges and turn your model into a creature. Using stencils and fur to add texture. 


Linda Bell

Topic 1 -Henna Basics:
For those with little or no experience using a Henna cone or those who want to hone their skills We will be looking at how to open, hold and control the Henna cone as well as looking at the basic henna Alphabet and using it to create simple designs.
We will also cover basic aftercare and how to achieve the best stain possible.
This is a hands on class. Application to skin is optional but highly encouraged. Henna Supplied


Topic 2 - Henna Mixology:
Due to Henna being made of organic materials, it is highly degradable so being able to successfully mix a reliable henna paste is essential to offering Henna. Participants will assist in making a batch of natural Henna to the perfect consistency as well as learn to roll, fill and tape up henna cones. We will also look at how to best store Henna once mixed to minimise wastage.
Please bring pen and paper for notes. Henna Supplied


Topic 3 - Henna Elements:
There are many elements used commonly in henna design. We will be looking at a selection of the more popular elements and using them to create henna designs. Designs and placements we will focus on are suited to parties and events and include styles from India, the Middle East, Morocco as well as contemporary styles. Participants will be able to use either henna cones on paper/skin or pens/paint on paper as the focus is on the design process and breaking down the elements.
Please bring your own paints/pens if desired. Henna supplied


Kim Cakebread

Topic 1 - Illustrative lettering.

In this class we will cover a range of split cake illustrations that can be incorporated into the writing of words onto the arm, particularly popular with teens and older kids. Bring a small kit and paint along on arms or paper.


Topic 2 - Fruity Faces

Join Kim for some fruity fun faces and lovely lolly designs, ideal for sweets lovers.


Susanne Daoud


Topic 1 - Freaky Faces

No swirls and curls here - just creepy clowns, staring skulls, and other monstrosities! This class is for people who are ready to dip their toe into the dark waters of scary faces. Learn some basic elements that make a face frightful while we cover some simple scary face designs that are becoming increasingly popular, especially around Halloween. Great designs for boys, adults, and girls with guts! This is a hands-on class, so please bring your reduced kit and paint along with Suedy.

Skill level: Basic

Bring: Your mini kit, and something to practice on


Topic 2 - Intro to Ultra Violet Face & Body Painting

Does UV painting break your brain? Then join Susanne Daoud under the black lights for this hands-on class, as she shows you how easy UV painting really is. You will fall in love with its simplicity, and your clients will be blown away by your gorgeous luminous designs! UV painting will broaden your client base due to its popularity among tweens, teens, adults and night clubs. Learn what you need to take on UV bookings, and use techniques you already know in a totally new way to make your fluoro faces shine with colour and depth. And while we’re at it, try on some Chromadepth 3D glasses and see your work in a new dimension!
Skill level: Recommended for beyond-beginner to intermediate face and body painters.
Bring: Your minimised kit, with UV face paints if you have them. Susanne will have plenty of UV paints from different brands for you to play with if you don’t own any yet.


Sue Judd

Topic 1 - Girly girls

I have three girls at home which has made me a very girly painter One of the things I paint the most are eyes designs, for younger girls, tweens, teens. In this class I will use a range of techniques to do a variety of one stroke eyes. Aiming for some dramatic impact and with a variety of brands and bold colour.


Topic 2 - From the Trenches

In this class I am going cover some designs from some of my corporate jobs. Working on some of the my more popular or different requests for boys and girls. Some will be newer stuff or old stuff made differently with one stroke. From the young boy, to the reluctant teen girl.   What to bring for either class . As most of my designs have an element of one stroke to them so if you are painting along don’t forget to bring a few, as part of a small kit if you want to follow along in a book, Or just sit back and take it in


Christy Lewis

Topic 1 - Magnificent Masks
From the elegant to the cute and quirky, masks are a great way of creating a quick design with plenty of wow factor.
In this class we will be focusing on the composition of designs and using colour and shapes that work well on the face. We will look at incorporating different elements in your designs, such as flowers and lace to create beautiful mask designs. We will also look at different ways of turning your favourite animals into quick fun and quirky masks.


Topic 2 - Amazing Animals

Bring your animal designs to life. 

In this class we will look at the different animal features that will help prepare you for painting almost any animal request. From quick and cute animal masks through to the more detailed animal designs.

We will be looking at the use of colour, facial proportions, shading, stencils and brush strokes to create realistic looking animals.


Jess Miller

Topic 1 - Designing a Bodypaint

In this class we will walk through the process of designing a full bodypaint on paper, from theme, to ideas, to initial sketches, to final design. In 90 minutes you will learn several ways to attack a theme, how to think about placement on the body, how to choose colours that will make your artwork stand out, and how to tie it all together. If you've never bodypainted before, come along to learn how to handle a bigger canvas. If you're a seasoned pro, come armed with all the questions about bodypainting you ever wanted to ask!


Topic 2 - Wanna Do Some Lines? (Of Paint)

You want to learn the ways of the master facepainter? First, you must learn the work of the line brush...

Sensei: First, load all brushes. Then paint. Teardrop...

Student: Hey, why do I have to...?

Sensei: Ah ah! Remember deal! No questions!

Student: Yeah, but...

Sensei: Hai!

[makes up-and-down gestures with hands]

Sensei: Teardrop, down. Flick, up. Teardrop, flick. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Line, swirl. Don't forget to breathe, very important.

[walks away, still making up-and-down motions with hands]

Sensei: Teardrop, flick. Line, swirl.


Topic 3 - Mix and Match Challenge

This is a hands-on, fast-paced, interactive class where you, the students, are both the artists and the critics. We will be given random, lucky-dip prompts to do quick, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants bodypainting, then put on our judging hats and give each other feedback. Designed to help you think on your feet, improve your creativity, and get past any stumbling blocks you may have about working on a bigger canvas.


Kyla Morgan

Topic 1 - Tribal Style

Bold, crisp designs for face and arms that can be used for teens and adults, great for nightclub work.

Tribal designs can be quiet masculine but I will also show you how to put a feminine twist to some tribal designs.

Bring a small kit if you would like to paint along with the demos.


Topic 2 - Robots

Will be demonstrating full face robots and smaller robots designed to paint on the face or arms.

With some easy components to choose from you will also get to design and paint your own cute little robot.

Bring a small kit.  


Maria Mormile

Topic 1 - One Stroke Cats & dogs

Expanding on the concept of one stroke, creating highlight & shading in one stroke to create a 3d effect.  In this class you will used a basic template and apply one stroke techniques to create cats, dogs & wolves.



Kristy O'Neil

Topic 1 - Water Colour Techniques for Face & Body Painting:

Something a little different. A colourful class to learn the pretty technique of watercolour. For teen and adult designs. Modern, beautiful, fun.

Topic 2 - Tween girl designs.
For the girls who are too cool for for fairies. Learn some new designs to use on the job and impress your clients.


Brendan Ord

Topic - 1 Fun with Headbands.

This class will show you how to add to something cool and funky to your amazing face painting. Head bandsare an amazing add for you that gives your customer added value.

Lets play with some cool ideas that will both compliment your apinting or can be used on a ballooning job.  Brendan will also introduce a brand new product during this class.


Topic - 2 Have you Monstered It???


We will be playing with some crazy creations using Brand new printed face balloons designed by Brendan Ord and Lynne Jaimeson.

Every design will also be adaptable to use with other face balloons. Both line up style balloons and "stuff" thats a little more tricky will be played with.

This is certainly a class with a difference.


3) Ordy's Line up balloons.


Need fast but cool balloons??? Need balloons that you can do in a line up  but then be able to upscale them for birthday parties???

Need balloons that can be modified into a few differnt sculptures???? Sweeeet!!! Then this is the class for you!!

Check it out.


Peter Patterson

Topic 1 - Girl Designs.

Beginners to Intermediate

Be brilliant at balloon twisting as well as face and body art! Whether you've been booked for a birthday party or a line up event, getting your balloon twisting skills up to the level you know you'd be more than proud of is what Peter Patterson will help you achieve. Peter will teach you cute and easy girl designs and the extra tricks for astounding results that will place you streets ahead of your competition.


Topic 2 - Boy Designs.

Beginners to Intermediate

This class compliments the Girl Designs class. Combining the two will give your balloon twisting a real power lift. Again, no matter if you've been booked for a birthday party or a line up event, getting your balloon twisting skills up to the level you know you'd be more than proud of is what Peter Patterson will help you achieve. Peter will teach you super cool and easy boy designs as well as the extra tricks that will place you as No 1 choice for balloon twisting in your region.


Topic 3 - Freelance Class.

Intermediate to Advanced

Bring your most popular designs to Peter's Freelance class as you will be exploring the quick and clever techniques that will take your current design balloon sculptures to a whole new and exciting level. You'll be coming home with a super ceded skill level that will help you to hone in on your current balloon designs or to recreate and improve on designs that you've seen. Take the next step in your balloon twisting.


Mark Reid

Topic -1 Superheros for boys & girls
Symetrical and girl superheroes designs. Create the perfect Batman mask and turn it into a girl design!!


Topic - 2 Designs for Long Lines
Learn the latest and most popular designs for festivals and corporate gigs.


Topic - 3 Wings
Wings! From butterflies to birds. For faces and bodies!


Lindy Van Tuil

Topic 1 -  Dragons, Snakes, Lizards and Froggies... 

Always popular, you can never have too many reptiles in your repertoire. Using split cakes, learn to create some unique  new critters for kids and adults.. girls AND boys.. Learn how adding those extra little details can bring life to your designs.. Bring your paints and have some fun..


Topic 2 -  How to create conceptual body art.. 

From the original inspiration to the end photoshoot... Learn how to use props, costumes, headpieces, location, set design and the right model to bring your art to life.. create a story instead of just a picture.. its all in the details..



Annie Reynolds

Topic 1 - Unicorn Farts & Fairy Snot!!!
Everything you ever wanted to do with a rainbow and more. … Learn how to create beautiful, colourful creations, using lots of fairy snot (Glitter) and all the colours of the rainbow. From perfect princesses to terrific tigers, come find the rainbow connection.




Topic 2 - The Dark Side

Hay Babe, take a walk on the “Dark Side” … Girly Goth… Freaky Fairies… Lets take the light and turn it dark, Isn’t it time you explored your hidden depths….. BWAHAHAHAHAH


Topic 3 - Fantasy corsets… clothes come from a store
Fantasy is born in your imagination… Create your very own fantasy clothing from leaves, flowers, cobwebs or whatever else takes your fancy…. Learn how to make your artwork flow together to make something truly unique and beautiful.


Katrina Spark

Topic 1- Holiday themes

Get into the holiday mood while learning some designs to use for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other exciting celebrations.


Topic 2- Adding that extra touch

learn to spice up your simple designs into something grander. Be it swirls or twirls, tribal lines or painted jewels. Just a little bit more can add a big wow factor.


Sandra Temple



Topic 1 - Introduction to Worbla and it's uses for bodypainters.
From a simple sword to an elaborate headpiece, Worbla can be shaped, painted and re-used to be many things. Basic pattern making and a presentation of items made with Worbla will be shown and samples given out.

Topic 2 - Worbla Head pieces:

Making an Ent style head piece is quick and easy. The design will suit an Earth mother/goddess, Spring or Autumn fairy etc
Attendees will make and take home a headpiece. Materials supplied. It is preferable to have done workshop 1 before this one.

Topic 3 - Worbla - Finger extensions:

Making Ent style finger extensions. Attendees will take home some finger extensions. Materials supplied. It is preferable to have done workshop 1 before this one.

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