ABAA Melbourne 

Convention Class Descriptions - 26th & 27th March 2019

Convention classes are 90 min each

There are 5 time slots per day with an average of 5 classes running at the same time.

Classes for the convention are chosen on the day.



Amy MacNish

Topic 1 - Armour Amour

Armour is one of those things that can make a bodypaint really come to life! Learn the basics of armour and create an easy shoulder armour piece from Eva Foam. Good for beginners to Costume work. 


Topic 2 - Couture Corsets

Introduction to Bodypainting! How to paint corsets for photography!

Paint can look different in photographs, especially illusion body painting such as clothing illusion. Learn how to create an effective corset illusion on the body. Great for beginners to body painting. 


Ayesha Henderson

​Enchanting Floral designs

 Dainty and enchanting floral designs incorporating a variety of elements and techniques using one strokes, stencils, glitter and  a touch of bling.  I will be demonstrating these designs as well as teaching the techniques required create each of the elements. 


Dale Proposch

Topic - Know your round 4 brush 

'The Power of the Brush'. Great workshop for beginners or anyone who wants to play with their round 4 brush. Hands on class. Practicing thick to thin lines, curls and swirls, tear drops, tiger stripes, even a bit of basic calligraphy and more. Byo white and a good quality round 4. Come kick the tyers of your old faithful.

Dawn Anderson

Topic 1 - Unicorn headbands

Unicorn fever is still going strong. By popular demand from last year we will make unicorn headbands again. Please bring your glue gun and glue sticks if you have them, as well as any decorations you would like to use. A sewing eedle and black or white thread would be handy as well, and also scissors.

Topic 2 - Tiny Animals

Tiny animal on arm? Big challenge! These are the solutions to anyone wanting ‘only a small tiger on the arm please’, or ‘a dinosaur on the cheek’. And they don’t mean small and boring. How to get maximum impact into a limited area, with restricted time. Bring your one strokes and a basic palette. This will be also a sharing session so if anyone has an quick good looking tiny animal they would like to share, please do so in the last half of the class.

​​Gina Nomachi

Topic 1 - Monster Mash!

Learn to contour like a queen and bring out the nasty in that angelic little face. Cut it in half or quarters and add another devil to the mix.

Paint along or just watch, just a reminder this is old school painting, bring sponges, not split cakes!


Topic 2 - UV Pop

Hate using UV colours and don't know what to do with them? A little goes a long way, but when you do, your work will POP! Everything from Butterflies to tigers and a weird face.

Helen Beasley

Topic 1 - Graffiti Arms

Back by popular demand! Does your ‘bubble writing’ look a bit like a primary schooler’s?! Take it to a whole new level of cool and professionalism with some quick and effective graffiti lettering style techniques that will allow you to quickly engage and impress the older boys and girls too grown up and too cool for kids face paint. Utilising one strokes for an immediate wow factor, designs can be easily customised for each client for on the job designs!  Bring a couple of simple one-strokes (best suits light-mid-dark tones of the one colour rather than rainbows) black and white lining paints and paint along if you’d like to.


Topic 2 - On-The-Job designs for ‘boys’ 

So many face painters seem to dread boy designs! My aim will be to leave you not just confident next time you get those ‘boy’ requests .. but excited!  Learn how to quickly wow the other 50% of the party using bright colours, one stroke paints and my fav stencils. Research shows boys have a real appreciation for art and good aesthetics so don’t be afraid to make boys designs beautiful too!

I’ll show you my design ideas for tackling Star Wars, Fortnight, Pokémon, superheroes, dragons, dinosaurs and monsters, crocs and lizards.. and how you can easily adapt the designs to make many more.

Kellie Robinson

Balloon Twisting & great TIPS & TRICKS to keep you & your guest calm while out on the job.

Systems & structures that work out on the job, to provide a stress free, positive environment.

Learn how to make some cute little “Forest Folk” balloon designs (intermediate level, 3-4 balloons supplied for each design). ~Fox ~Mouse ~Rabbit

Jacintah Huch

Topic 1 - Airbrush Tattoos Class
Learn Airbrush tattoos with Wiser Tattoopro stencils & Glitter & Ghouls Stencils. Includes some quick airbrush troubleshooting and demos of useful tools on the job.

Tppic 2 - Special FX class
Learn on the job fast SPFX wounds and effects. Add dimension to your zombies and special Halloween faces!

Katrina Spark


Topic 1 - Making masks


Ever been asked to paint at a Masquerade ball?  I will show you some striking female and male designs using paints, stencils and bling.  Then have a go at creating your own stunning  design. Please bring your own paints including a one stroke and I will supply the bling and stencils.


Topic 2 - Arm designs

Sometimes arms just work best!  In this class, learn some fun designs and how to extend a them to suit the shape of the arm.  We will also be doing some adult designs to compliment evening wear using stencils and bling.

Kel Mcilwain

Let’s Bodypaint (2 parts to this class 2 x 90 consecutive)

I will teach you how to prepare your model and will explain placement and flow to produce a bodypainting piece in relation to a theme . Together we will design a bodypainting and paint the model . Don’t be shy , Come and join in on the fun ... Bring your paints and let’s JAM !! 

Kyla Morgan

Topic 1 - Mermaids and Sea Creatures

We will go through mermaid faces, hair and tails to help you conquer painting these very popular creatures.

Full Face and cheek/ arm art, all on the job designs.

I will also show you my on the job dolphin, seahorse and pufferfish and a couple of other sea creatures if time allows.

Paint along. Please bring

Paints: a couple of your favourite one strokes, pearl/ metallic white, gold and bronze if you have them and a small range of single colours.

Brushes: #2, #4 and #6 round brushes and a 1/2 inch and 3/4 flat brush.

Practice mat (if you have one) bare arms or paper to paint on. 


Topic 2 - Faster Christmas

Christmas work for me is a lot of playgroups and day care centres where the kids are fairly young (sometimes wriggly, sometimes apprehensive) which means doing a lot of very quick and easy designs.

In this class I will share my go to quick Christmas designs to help you get through the silly season a little bit faster.

Paint along. Please bring a small kit of varied brushes and colours including a couple of one stroke cakes.

Practice mat (if you have one) bare arms or paper to paint on.

Laurie Faulkner

An Introduction to Henna Body Art (maximum 12 students)

Henna is a beautiful herb that produces subtle body art lasting up to 4 weeks.

Natural henna stains the skin a reddish brown then gently fades as you exfolliate – enjoy this ancient art form with a modern twist!!

If you can draw a dot, a curve and a straight line (and we know you can), Laurie (with more than 2 decades of experience in this field) will guide you through the rest,

Decorate your body with intricate lace-like motifs, or empower yourself with bold tribal designs. It’s safe, painless, temporary and lots of fun.

  • All materials supplied and you get to keep a booklet with all the basics to get you started on your Henna Journey

Laurie will start you with some simple exercises on paper, then you will spend the rest of the time decorating each other and go home with some beautiful body art.

Linlee Chan

Topic 1 - On the job GIRLS designs

During this class I’ll be showing you how to use I use one stroke and stencils to enhance face painting designs. How to use texture stencils, feature stencils, close the gap and wow your clients with chunky glitters and blings. Free handout on each design.


Topic 2 - On the job BOYS designs.

Many of us are more comfortable with painting girls designs and get a bit stuck with the boys stuff. During this class I’ll be showing you how I paint on the job, one stroke boys designs, using stencils to enhance and gain speed (avoiding eye area). > Free handout on each design.

Lorraine Halse-Smith


Topic 1: A touch of magic


Learn how to turn your face painting into a Storytelling using your favourite designs. I will share a story with you that I have used often about a Princess who is searching for a unicorn but first she meets a fox and wakes a sleeping dragon.  You will be taking notes and creating your own story.  We will be painting these designs into our artbooks too. You will need a few one strokes and black and white, and your artbook.


Topic 2: Go that extra mile

Be in charge of your business – be prepared. Do you struggle with a Disclaimer? What about signage? Want to know what’s in my emergency kit?  There’s more to your business than you may realise. We will finish with some finger painting (serious stuff) with a bit of a laugh and lots of fun!

Maria Mormile


Topic 1 - Balloon Twisting for Beginners


Have you caught the bug yet??? Well let me get you started :-)

This class will enable you to follow step by step designs.  It will also help you to understand the importance of strength & stability to your creation. Knowing basic balloon twisting techniques will enable you to work faster with ease and prevent excessive popping of balloons. More importantly correct techniques will also help prevent over use or joint injuries. Not to mention, it's loads of silly fun!!!

Basic designs: Sword, flower, Wand base, Basic body with printed head, Alien head,

Topic 2 - Unicorns - Size Matters ( Balloons)

Or does it?  The Unicorn is one of my most popular designs.  Whether it's in a head band, bracelet, wand or centerpiece its the same quick design.

Mai Park

Topic 1 -  Forever Princesses

A top request at every event! Master this princess design that is timeless and unique.

-Learning how to pick colors and match them.

-Learning about line flows along with jewels and stenciles' positions.

-Learning what facts make the design pop!


Topic 2 - Everyone Loves Masks


Use these efficient lines and quick blending tips to make the WOW mask at any event.

- Learning how to make any design into a mask

-Learning quick blending of colours with a sponge, for increased speed

-Learning limited lines to create the best effects

Melanie Hughes


Topic 1 - Mandala Magic:

You must have a basic face painting skill set and knowledge. Intermediate or advanced are encouraged to attend. We will be looking at creating fabulous designs in this class utilising a myriad of brush techniques. It will be a mix of demonstration and hands on. These mandala magic designs can be simplified or blinged out and always an advantage to your repertoire as they are diverse in how you choose to use them on the job but are great for tweens, teens and the women love them too.

Please bring Paints: a couple of your favourite one strokes, pearl/ white or mica/gem powder, and a small range of single colours. All things bling: Glitter, glitter gel and any bling clusters you have. Brushes: #2, #4 and #6 round brushes and a 1/2 inch and 3/4 flat brush or angle brushes. A wisp brush if you have it would be great and some blending brushes. As well as a few sponges. Also bring a practice mat (if you have one) or use bare arms or paper to paint on. You will be creating in this class 😀


Topic 2 Adulting in Style:

Have a group of adults prepped up and decked out in design to suit their outfit. These are on the gig face painting jobs achievable of getting the wow factor and repeat clientele. Great for hens, groups of teens heading to their formal, baby showers, wonderful, easy, designs set for a particular colour or theme.

Nancy Wu


Topic 1 - For the birthday girl

That special child which the party is all about! In this class you will learn the birthday girl designs, the design that will wow the parent and is photo worthy! Fairy princess, butterfly Queen & mermaid crowns ! Fancy designs with blings and more!


Topic 2 - Fun Cheek art designs

How many times do U hear the parent whisper “just something small”? Downsizing a full face design to cheek art size will save u time on the job, but will not take away any wow factors I promise! Learn about placement and flow, and how to add details to characters.

Onalee Rivera

Topic 1 - Villains

Sometimes the party guests want to be evil! In this class, I will show you some of my most popular super villain designs. Learn how to use one-strokes and powders to contour effectively and quickly while keeping your hands clean. Then take the designs to the next level with optional stenciling and details that are sure to impress. Please do not be shy and come prepared to paint along regardless of your experience or level of painting. I am here to help!

Topic 2 - Quick Party Faves

In this class, I will show you how I maximize time without sacrificing quality to paint some of my most requested party designs. Learn how to combine one-strokes and powders to contour effectively and quickly while keeping your hands clean. Then take the designs to the next level with optional stenciling and details that are sure to impress. Please do not be shy and come prepared to paint along regardless of your experience or level of painting. I am here to help!

Peta Rogers

Topic 1 - Photography on-the-job

One of, if not the most important selling tools of your business is photographs. Photos of your work is the first, and possibly only thing, which potential customers look at when choosing someone to hire.

In this class I will teach you what to look for when taking photos on the job; positioning, lighting and more.

Topic 2 - Freestyle Eye Designs

In this class I will teach flow, focal points and some techniques to create fast, beautiful, eye-catching, on the job eye designs. Powders will be used in some designs.

Prima Barton


Topic 1 - Freestyle Tribal art (Boys or Girls)

If you struggle in line work and tribal art , this class is for you. We will tackle some VERY IMPORTANT KEY POINTS to keep in mind when you are painting tribal art or incorporating tribal or line work to your common designs.Bring your favorite linework brushes and paints, some one strokes and liquid bling.


Topic 2 - Freestyling Shoulder to Decoletagé (male or female teens or adults)

You get hired to a teen or adult party and you see lots of shoulders, back and decoletagé or they just don't wanna get painted on the face! Let's get creative and add value to your offered service! Bring one strokes, stencils, glitters, liquid bling, bling, and your favourite linework and flat brushes.

Rita Barbagallo


How to know and use your props, properly.

I’ll bet you have never thought about sound or lighting before. Get up in front of that crowd with self-confidence in your new found abilities. Don’t just hide in a corner and paint faces or shape balloons ………. stand up in front of the crowd and be a performer; it will improve your interaction with those same children while you are painting their faces or shaping balloon animals.

Anyone can do this class!

I will show you how to add up to $200 to each of your children’s party routines, just by being able to add a 20-30 minute magic show to your bookings.

So, let’s do the sums, if you don’t believe it.



Using small magic props is simple, and does not involve much rehearsal.

But it will add $$$$ to your fees, and it is EASY.

The props are easy to use and basically “foolproof”, and will become second nature to you after a few trials. They all work to a few common themes. They will add that “WOW” factor to your shows. You just need that stage presence, to make it your own.



The art of distraction, combined with card tricks and more intermediate props, will take your magic routine to a whole new level, and will give you that “WOW” factor that will leave your audience gobsmacked !

Let me teach you how to turn your hobby into your new business, and keep people talking about your shows long after you finish, as you build your brand through more referral business.

Sarah Asker

Topic 1 -  Embracing Imperfection!

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m a perfectionist. If you too are afflicted with perfectionism come & join me as we work through combating this DEBILITATING condition! Let me show you how to move past “self-perceived disaster” in your work. You can totally use weak bases, dodgy onestrokes and other general mishaps by using little tricks and various methods of subterfuge to bring it all together to end up with a fabulous cohesive end product!


Topic 2 -  What’s Your Angle???

Got an angle brush or three that you don’t know what to do with?? Bring them along and I’ll show you just how versatile these delightful “slanted” shaped brushes are! Butterflies (I can’t paint them without an angle anymore!), Eye designs, Fairies, Dragons, Flames, linework, bases, blingy bits………seriously they are so adaptable for so many applications. Bring wipes - Prepare to get dirty!

Svetlana Savinkina

Topic 1 - Football fans

I will show you a fun and spectacular face art. this design I developed in support of the Russian team during FIFA 2018. it is the job with shading, 3D shapes, teeth over lips. In the photo, this art looks interesting and unusual.

Topic 2 - Donkey from Shrek!

More info coming soon....

Tammy Harrison

Topic 1 - And Eye for an Eye!

Eye shapes! What works and why?  Different shapes for everyone! For different designs, age groups and emotions.  We decide how our design feels just by our eyes! It’s all in the EYE!


Topic 2 - Getting Skully

The face is the perfect canvas for any skull design.  Work with bone structure to create your base for awesome skulls, or sugarskulls that everyone will love. Keep it simple with outline or go crazy with details, its all up to you.

Tegan Baylis

Topic 1 - Llama Centrepiece (Balloons)
I’ve been asked so many tines at parties to make Llamas. They are definitely the next craze after unicorns. This cute Llama design can be used as a stand alone price or as a cute centrepiece.
Learn not only the Llama design but also a centrepiece base that you can use to put any of your designs on.
Centrepieces are a great add on for birthday parties and look impressive on your social media. They definitely will help your business stand out.

Topic 2 - Dolls (Balloons)
Beautiful balloon dolls are always popular. Learn how to make beautiful dolls even more impressive with your balloon artwork and even by adding some of your face painting bling.

Great for princess parties. Perfect balloon for the birthday child. 💕

Tennille Koelma

Topic 1 - Entertaining with balloons

If you are confident with some balloon designs, but want to know more about how you can interact well with audiences, show off your balloon flair, and improve the connections you make with kids on the job while twisting, this class is for you! Tennille will create some balloon designs and go through lots of the ways she creates comedic and entertaining moments while twisting balloons. Be prepared to up your game and get more work by showing off your balloon skills on every job!


Topic 2 - Unusual Animals (Balloons)

Ever get an animal request that you are totally stuck on? Tennille will show you how to break down and simplify lots of different animal requests with a simple structure that can be tweaked to create a huge array of different animals. She will go through three different animal designs that are popular at the moment- a sloth, a lama and a kittycorn. These designs are super cute and packed full of useful time and finger saving balloon technique ideas along the way!

Wendy Fantasia


Topic 1 - Turning your animals (a little bit) punk
The key elements of creating a simple ‘punk’ looking animal design will be covered. We will give several nice and sweet traditional animal faces a bit of attitude with a punk-y make-over. They will suddenly look edgier and a little bit dangerous. Which can be a super cute look for a 5 year old who requests a zebra design at the zoo. Follow along or just watch as colour choices are made, sponge bases are applied, brushes selected and finishing touches, touched – a bit of spiky-ness, a touch of the non-conformist.



Topic 2 - Troubleshooting 101
Interactive demo, with class participation
Not for the faint hearted – expect feedback if you ask for it. Got an issue with your butterfly wings? Your bases are watery? Faces are faded? Line work wobbly or weak? Keep in mind that there are many ways to paint and what you see as a problem may actually be the next big thing. Or another of your peer’s favourites – it’s very much in the eye of the beholder. There are a million right ways to do a face paint and if you want to see what I’d do with your particular issue then bring it along. Let’s do a quick therapy session and attempt to sort things out – or at least look at them differently. Genuine queries only, BYO photos and be prepared to knock it up fast as a half face on a fellow class model. Relax and enjoy: let’s have some fun with some of the universal painting challenges that we all have.


Wing Sum Diana Chan

Hi Art Lovers,
I can't wait to be celebrating with all of you at ABAA for the 10th
anniversary back home in Australia soon, here is a showreel for
SumBodyArt's BodyPainting Shamanism Workshops - SumBodyArtFlow & Art
Healing for the the Australian Body Art Awards this year in Australia
in March. So it gives you a taste as to what is to come from
SumBodyArt for ABAA's big 10 next month down under. :)


I will be be creating both SumBodyArt’s workshops based on
SumBodyArt's BodyPainting Shamanism- the two topics will be:

Topic 1 - SumBodyArtFlow (BodyPaintingPerformances)
In this SumBodyArt’s workshop, I will be discussing and showing how I
create my BodyPainting Performance Shows for SumBodyArt and the
SumBodyArtFlow Team with our elemental series with SumBodyArt’s
performers around Europe and in Australia for clubs, talk shows,
events, festivlas, competitions, exhibitions, videos etc.

I will also be creating a live demo bodypainting and performance with
one of our performers from Team SumBodyArt from Australia. I will be
bodypainting a daylight/semi camouflage bodypainting performance with
a contortion/aerialist. :)

Here is our SumBodyArt’s Camouflage Workshop we created for ABAA last
year, as it might help to visualise what is to come:

Topic 2 - Art Healing (UV BodyPainting) Day 2
In this SumBodyArt’s workshop, I will be sharing my personal stories
of Art Healing and I will be creating a UV BodyPainting with all of
the students in the class together as a collective human conscious. If
you would like to expand your mind on the true power of BodyPainting,
transformation and its spiritual aspects and benefits with energy
healing, then this is not to be missed. And the class will end with a
1-2 minutes shamanic performance with our painted model from our
collective celebration and love of art. :)

Here is our SumBodyArt’s UV Workshop we created for ABAA last year, as
it might help to visualise what is to come:




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