2020 ABAA Gold Coast Class descriptions

Convention classes are 90min long

There are generally 5 classes on offer in each time slot. 5 Time slots per day


Annabel Hoogeveen

Topic 1: Moving Masks

In this class I will show you how to paint the popular ‘Moving Masks’: super cool designs for kids that don’t like to be painted on their eyes.

You will learn what materials to use and how to place important elements, such as the eyes, to get the perfect expression each time. We will use regular colors as well as splitcakes and of course my favourite ½# flat and #3 round brush!


Topic 2: Superhero hacks

Are you tired of painting the same superheroes all the time.Or are you still afraid that they might ask the one you have never painted before?

In this class I will show you how to upgrade your superhero game! Be prepared to become a master in painting perfect superheroes all the time.....even if you don’t even know who they are ;-)

Ayesha Henderson

Topic 1: Enchanting Whimsical Designs

Enchanting and whimsical designs incorporating a variety of elements and techniques using one strokes, stencils, glitter and  a touch of bling.  I will be demonstrating these designs as well as teaching the techniques required create each of the elements. 


Topic 2: Stunning designs for tweens, teens to ladies

A stunning array of captivating, yet elegant designs that are always a huge hit!  Simple elements and techniques are used to create each of these designs.  I will demonstrate how to incorporate these to form aesthetically pleasing and exquisite designs. 

Charlene Thomas

​Topic 1: “I don’t want to be a fairy, I want a picture of a fairy”.

In this workshop you will learn simple but effective one stroke designs that can be applied to a wide range of girl or boy requests. This is a cartoon type of workshop.


Topic 2: Animal Silhouette Sunsets

When you are stuck on how to do an animal, achieve the wow factor by putting a silhouette of the animal with a sunset background.

Dale Proposch


Does your heart sink when you hear these 4 words? Dale will share a variety of different fast on the job rainbow designs. Including some valuable little tips, tricks and of course a belly laugh.

Elle Slattery

Topic 1: “One-Stroke” of “Wisdom”: Pocket-full-of-Posies

Consider this your ticket to join the Floral Army. Navigate your way through the ranks -starting from “Cadet” level flowers like daisies and pansies, to “Lieutenants” like daffodils and lilies. In no time at all you’ll rank “Captain” of the Orchard and the Iris. And when you are the “General of the Floral Army” ROSES and PEONIES will salute you at your feet. Sir. This seemingly militant structure is purely to appear witty. In fact, this class’s style is 1000 per cent the opposite. I believe it once was coined, “raw”. A little “ridonk” and yet somehow so relatable, also sums it up. So SETTLE your PETALS ! Dominate your “floral foes”, fix those thorny issues, plant the seeds and watching things BLOOM. Bring along your favourite one-strokes, angled brushes and liners and LETS PUT THE WOWZERS IN YOUR FLOWZERS!


Topic 2: “One-Stroke” of “Wisdom”: Party Animals

The title says it all. Animals that party. Actually, animals painted for parties is more accurate, but who doesn’t like to go wild every now and then. And wild is right. The style, the concepts and the execution. This class will teach you how to let loose and use your animal instincts to create cheek and arm designs that put the PURR in PERFECTLY IMPURRRRFECT. From your household pets to the mythical creatures. Those high-fliers and deep swimmers. The prehistoric and the exotic. It is now the time to behave like an animal. Earn your stripes by using easy to follow one-stroke techniques that will turn your average animal design WILD, using some powerful animal magnetism, of course. Bring along your favourite one-strokes, angled brushes and liners and LETS GET ANIMAL UP IN HERE!!!!

Jacinta Huch

Topic 1: Special FX class
Learn on the job fast SPFX wounds and effects. Add dimension to your zombies and special Halloween faces!

Topic 2: Waterproof Painting
On the job tips and tricks with proaiir hybrids and dips to create waterproof designs perfect for pool parties & our hot Aussie summers.

Kel Mcilwain

Topic 1: One Stroke Designs
Come and learn how to make onestroke designs pop with colour combos , highlights and tweaking your brush strokes . This will all make a huge difference to your “on the job” QUALITY . Let’s get creative together .

Topic 2: Creative/fantasy makeup
Have you knocked back gigs requesting “Fantasy Makeup” or “Creative Makeup”? I’ll teach you tricks that will increase your cash flow and bookings . With just face-paint I’ll show you how easy it is to produce
creative/fantasy makeup . No makeup background or qualifications necessary.

Kellie Robinson

Topic 1:  Making baby & mummy animals

This class is based with using intermediate/advanced skills, so if you want to take the next step & surprise your clients by offering more options, join us to make some cute “Baby & mummy animals”. In this class you will learn how to make different sized animals, by using different sized balloons. Animals which we will be making are: Turtle, flamingo & Monkey.


Topic 2: Christmas & Easter designs

This class is based with using intermediate/advanced skills. Learn some quick on the job designs to create for these busy times of the year - x-mas & Easter. These on the job designs should take you no more than 3-4 minutes each, once you have them down packed & ready to create for your own customers. You will also learn how to make a cute reindeer, which makes a perfect gift/table centre piece. I will be there to guide you every step of the way, so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun.

Kyla Morgon

Topic 1: Little Creatures

Some kids only want their arms painted but still want cats, dogs, tigers etc which a lot of face painters are more comfortable painting full faced designs than arms designs. With a variety of different bodies, heads, tails etc you can create your own very cute little creatures for arms (or cheeks) that are quick enough for on the job. We will add accessories and different backgrounds for popular themes like Australia Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Bring paints and brushes to paint along.


Topic 2:  Mermaids & Sea Creatures

We will go through mermaid faces, hair and tails to help you conquer painting these popular creatures. Full Face and cheek/ arm art, all on the job designs. I will also show you my on the job dolphin, seahorse and pufferfish and couple of other sea creatures if time allows. Paint along. Please bring Paints: a couple of your favourite one strokes, pearl/ metallic white, gold and bronze if you have them and a small range of single colours. Brushes: #2, #4 and #6 round brushes and a 1/2 inch and 3/4 flat brush. Practice mat (if you have one) bare arms or paper to paint on.

Lorraine Halse-Smith

Topic 1: Parties & More
Do you have a point of difference to what you offer? Would you like to add more packages to your list of services? Then join me for a brainstorming workshop with helpful ideas.
Do you have questions as to What sort of party games to play? What prizes should I give? What about Storytelling, Craft and other ‘stuff’? In this class I will outline what has worked for me over the last 25 years and what hasn’t worked.


Topic 2: Face Painting Templates for Themes
Would you like to combine your love of face painting with party games? Do you need help to find your confidence to expand and offer more? Create a plan to manage your time at the party. It’s amazing what you can do! I will share my template for quick designs for a one stroke design to suit all themes.


Linlee Chan

Topic 1: Designs: popular boys & girls designs  (Level: beginners and intermediate)

1st session 90 min Learn how to paint faster, using your tools to their full advantage, impress your clients & stand out. During this workshop you will learn how to use a 3/4 flat brush, one stroke paints, daubers or sponges for stenciling. Learn about stencil placements and how to get that sharp clean look.


Topic 2: Stuck for Ideas (Level: beginners and intermediate)

2nd session 90 minutes. Do you feel stuck for ideas when an adult ask to be painted too During this workshop you’ll learn how to create fancy eye designs, using one stroke paints, a 3/4 flat brush and a petal brush. You will also learn color combinations, stencil placement and how to make your design pop


Maria Mormile

Topic 1:  TBA

Marion Mitchell

Topic 1:  Crazy for Quicklinks

This is an intermediate twisters class. Learn how to use those quicklinks to make some cute and cuddly little friends that will have to crowd going ‘awwww’. Learn the techniques to take your twisting up a notch. Designs include hippo, bear and penguin.


Topic 2:  Feathered friends

This is an intermediate twisters class. Add some brilliant bird designs to your repertoire including a rooster, duck and kiwi. Never again will you be caught out by those tricky bird requests!

Matthew Ferron

Class 1: Give it Wings

Red Bull gives you wings.. this is true however in this class I will be the one giving you wings.. In this balloon twisting class I will be teaching a “Wing” technique that can be incorporated into numerous amazing designs (Butterfly, Bee’s, Birds, Bats, Faries and more!) These designs are cute, effective and loved by all. Throughout this class we will run through a couple of new and exciting “Kawaii” designs.


Class 2: Jetpack Joyride

Looking to impress your audience or pull in a large crowd? These designs are bound to do so. In this class I will be teaching you how to create two of my favourite balloon designs... The Ultimate Jet Pack and Robotic Balloon Arm. These spectacular designs are bound to give you the upper edge at any event or party. They are a walking advertisement, so if growing your business is a priority then this is a class you will not want to miss.

Nancy Wu

Topic 1: On the job quickies

It's what u can do on the job that matters; learn to simplify complex designs, turn any full face characters into cheek art is possible! Impress your clients and wow them with fast and fabulous face art!


Topic 2: Arm art basics

From the wiggly Little one who couldn’t sit still; to the teenager who’s too cool for face painting, there’s something for everyone when you can paint em on the arm! Learn from a Range of gorgeous arm designs from roses to unicorns and more!

Peta Rogers

Topic 1: Starblends and Powders, an Introduction

Do you wish you could use powders but have been hesitant to try them, or have tried them and can’t get the hang of them?

In this class I will show you which tools to use and how to use them. I will also show you some uses for powders that you may not have thought of. Once you get the hang of them, powders will change the way you paint.

Topic 2:  On the Job Powder Designs

Once you start using powders to work with, it will open up your painty world. I will teach you designs using powders that you can use on the job, and other techniques that will make your work easier and faster.

Rita Barbagallo


Using small magic props is simple, and does not involve much rehearsal.

But it will add $$$$ to your fees, and it is EASY.

The props are easy to use and basically “foolproof”, and will become second nature to you after a few trials. They all work to a few common themes. They will add that “WOW” factor to your shows. You just need that stage presence, to make it your own.



The art of distraction, combined with card tricks and more intermediate props, will take your magic routine to a whole new level, and will give you that “WOW” factor that will leave your audience gobsmacked !

Let me teach you how to turn your hobby into your new business, and keep people talking about your shows long after you finish, as you build your brand through more referral business.



As this is my last class and last year with ABAA, this will be an open class for any questions on any tricks or props, that you may have.

I will still be available for consultation, discussion and classes.

Sarah Asker


Linework is key to a polished look regardless of what design you're painting. Come and we'll work on paint types, paint consistency, brush types & brush control. Definitely a hands on class - I will divulge THE secret to flawless linework!!!


Take your designs to the next level by mastering your Angle brushes. Come and we'll look at paint types, paint consistency, angle brush types & brush control. Definitely a hands on class - I will divulge THE secret to flawless linework with your angle brushes.

Tammy Harrison

Topic 1 - Getting Skully

The face is the perfect canvas for any skull design.  Work with bone structure to create your base for awesome skulls, or sugarskulls that everyone will love. Keep it simple with outline or go crazy with details, its all up to you.

Topic 2 - Masking it!

Add masks to your Face Painting menu and broaden your client age range so teens and mums also want to be painted! Simple or ornate! Masks are marvellous for everyone!

​​Tegan Baylis 

Topic 1:  Automobiles and out of space

This is an intermediate to advanced Balloon twisting class.

In this class you will learn techniques that will help you with a range of designs. We will also go into balloon art work where you will learn tips tricks and tools needed to create beautiful and cute face artwork. The designs are based off cute cartoon characters and include an animated car, robot and alien. The techniques you learn in this class will take your twisting level from basic to intermediate / advanced.


Topic 2:  Cute critters

This is an intermediate to advanced balloon twisting class and also perfect for basic twisters looking to up their twisting game. In this class we will go through some cute designs including insects, birds and a cute puppy. You will be learning some intermediate to advanced twisting techniques as well as cute balloon artwork ideas. These designs are so adorable they look great on your social media and will be loved by all.

Tennille Koelma

Topic 1: Balloon head band designs

Balloon headband designs Headband designs are fabulous additions to any balloon twister’s repertoire. They catch everyone’s attention and remain in-tact better than hand-held designs. In this class, Tennille will be teaching four headband designs that will be sure to impress both the boys and girls at your events!


Topic 2:  Balloon florals

Do you know a basic balloon flower but you’d like to learn how to up your florals game? In this class, Tennille will be teaching numerous flower designs, which we will then use to create a large bouquet. Flowers are great for elderly, little children and everyone in between. They are also fabulous as larger centrepieces, and Tennille will be showing you all the tips and tricks to give your flowers the wow factor.

Wing Sum Diana Chan

Topic 1: SumBodyArtFlow (BodyPaintingPerformances) Day 1
In this SumBodyArt’s workshop, I will be discussing and showing how I create my Body Painting Performance Shows for SumBodyArt and the SumBodyArtFlow Team with our elemental series with SumBodyArt’s
performers around Europe and in Australia for clubs, talk shows,events, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, videos etc.

I will also be creating a live demo body painting and performance with one of our performers from Team SumBodyArt from Australia. I will either be body painting a daylight or camouflage body painting with a
contortion or flow performance. :) SumBodyArt’s Body Painting Shamanism Shows for the World Body Painting
Festival 2018 for Australia in Austria:

Here is our SumBodyArt’s Camouflage Workshop we created for ABAA last year, as it might help to visualise what is to come:

SumBodyArt’s Camouflage Body Painting Showreel:

SumBodyArtFlow Uv Body Painting Performance Show with Cirque Du Soleil Contortionist and 3 times Guinness World of Records Bending holder-Leilani Franco in Germany:

SumBodyArtFlow Uv Body Painting Performance Show for Psy-Spirit’s 10th Anniversary in Germany:

Topic 2- Art Healing (UV Body Painting) Day 2
In this SumBodyArt’s workshop, I will be sharing my personal stories of Art Healing and I will be creating a UV Body Painting with all of the students in the class together as a collective human conscious. If you would like to expand your mind on the true power of Body Painting,transformation and its spiritual aspects and benefits with energy healing, then this is not to be missed. And the class will end with a 1-2 minutes shamanic performance with our painted model from our collective celebration and love of art. :)
Here is our SumBodyArt’s UV Workshop we created for ABAA last year, as it might help to visualise what is to come:

SumBodyArt’s UV Body Painting Showreel:

SumBodyArtFlow Uv Body Painting Performance Show with Cirue Du Soleil Performer - Diana Gonzalez in Germany:

SumBodyArtFlow Air Uv Body Painting Performance Show with Aerial Performer - León Gold in Germany:

SumBodyArt's Home Exhibition (Art Healing Session) with Israeli Ballerina, Hagar Kotzin in Germany:











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